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Live Tracking and Live View

Most aspects of Life you have NO control of, others you DO.

Planes, Trucks, Security, Councils, Security, Police, Deliveries, Moms, Daughters

Other Applications:

Cars, Trucks, TLBs, mining equipment, golf carts, Electric scooters, Segways, bikes, Pasolas, racing cars, paragliders, car rentals, exclusive cars, busses, taxis, Uber, school busses, au pair, Cash in transit, Forklifts, trains, tractors, planters, harvesters, ECGs, expensive equipment tracking, statuses, Vodacom/ MTN sites towers, Remote house, Gates, Remote gates, Homes, Holiday home, Yacht, Boats, Remote switches, Remote pumps, Rental house management/power/alarm, Panic button for office/shop/home, Remote sites, game monitoring, remote cctv monitoring